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As a major vendor for resort and destination stores for over 38 years, Gravity Graphic’s unique color palette and water based screen print designs have a proven track record with all of our customers.  Specializing in hand-drawn whimsical renderings, popular for all ages, including our AMAZING Gravity Kids line.


Whether your market is resort, outdoor, zoo or aquarium, we have something for you.  We also specialize in custom embroidery, applique and promotional products.  Contact Emily Truss, Brand Manager, today at

1-800-968-1673 or

to discover how to bring these

fun graphics into your store!

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I have worked with Emily at Gravity Graphics for several years and it continues to be an extremely positive experience.  I met Emily at an after-hours networking event and  her kindness and positive attitude convinced me to visit Gravity's booth later during the show.  When I saw the fun, unique and creative designs that they offered, I knew that this was a line I wanted to add to my store.  Emily was always more than willing to make adjustments and create new images that fit more specifically to my facility.  

While forced to struggle with the hardships of 2020's pandemic, Gravity and Image Branding Group have both been wonderful to work with;  they were understanding of our limitations while we were closed to the public and have been nothing but helpful as we begin to open with a lower capacity and a smaller customer base. 

I would highly recommend Gravity Graphics to any business that deals in souvenir or resort apparel. 

Gravity Graphics always has fresh and fun designs with great garments and colors!

We have a great partnership with Gravity Graphics.  They have creative designs and a wide selection of tee colors.  Turtle Wander has been a top design and a top seller for our stores for over 10 years.  They are very quick to respond with ideas and new art, and they are always available to answer any questions I might have.  We hope to continue our relationship for many years to come.


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